Fall begins

Fall begins

“Yin reverses yang.”

Today and tomorrow mark the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall in traditional solar based calendars. It is important to recognize and attune with energetic transitions in the environment and in our bodies, and to remain established in whichever practices reflect these changes into our awareness.

Today also marks the end of my time in San Diego. I am excited to be back home in the SF Bay Area and will be here through the beginning of September.

I’ve opened availability for sliding-scale, in-person movement training sessions while I am in town. If you’d like to book one or more 90m session(s) together, with no longer term commitment (other than to yourself of course), now is the time!

Here are a few examples of how we could make use of the time together:

  • If we’ve worked together in the past and you have material from Zero Forms, Movement Situations, classical strength & mobility, self-release, or ancillary practices that you’ve been working on, we can check and tune them up from a technical perspective and introduce new variations.
  • If you want to become established in a new program of physical preparation, we can do a mix of technical instruction and theoretical/practical consultation similar to what we might cover in a coaching orientation call. Since I am here in person this could include helping you organize your physical training space(s) and identify the most useful tools and equipment to support your practice.
  • If you’d like to get some friends or family together and organize a private small-group session to work on partnering games and movement situations, that is also possible.
  • If you’re interested in longer term remote support after in-person sessions, the cost of the in-person session can be applied toward the 4-month online coaching program.
  • Something else? Just let me know what you would like to work on and we can make a plan.

🗓️ You can book/request sessions directly at savvycal.com/michaeljmk/movement-sfbay

📧 As always dont hesitate to email me at michael@michaeljmk.com with any questions.

P.S. If this reaches you in time, I will be teaching an all-levels contact improvisation pre-jam class this Wednesday evening (August 9th) at The Center in San Francisco.

🎟 Details and tickets via Eventbrite

Sunset at Black’s Beach, San Diego