Online Movement Coaching

Online Movement Coaching

Get 1-1 support and practical guidance to develop wide ranging movement skills and physical preparedness.

Cultivate motor skills and physical capacities that facilitate a lifelong engagement in life-giving movement disciplines — dance, martial arts, yoga, sports, and the myriad choreographies of daily life.

Navigate the world more confidently and be more at ease in your body.

Body awareness and physical self-knowledge

  • Sharpen your kinesthetic senses, understand your unique proportions,  and map your functionally integrated ranges of motion.
  • Set the stage for training and learning with “low-dopamine” practices that prime you for adaptation and enhance your awareness of subtle changes.
  • Develop the vital “early warning system” for issues arising in your body system before they become intractable.

Self-corrective movement and revitalization

  • Rehearsing fundamental motor patterns in such a way that your everyday movements become powerful physical therapies without extra effort or external guidance.
  • Learn and apply principles of coordinated joint articulation, and learn to reflexively distribute stresses across your structure.
  • Notice maladaptive patterns and develop a movement repertoire that can help you accelerate healing from injuries, extending the health-span of your joints and tissues.

Athletic potentiation and readiness

  • Be ready to engage with any movement-based discipline, without feeling blocked by lack of athleticism or mistrust in your body.
  • Know the key pathways and appropriate modalities, means, and methods for improving coordination, rhythm, elasticity, strength-power production, and stamina.
  • Never consider yourself as “not in shape” again.
A note on physique and aesthetic motivations: While not centered as a guiding metric for our practice, we fully respect the motivational power for many of physique and body composition. Progress and self esteem in this aspect can be considered as a side effect of intelligent physical preparation and self care.

Our means and methods accommodate the aesthetic benefits of conventional fitness approaches with additional benefits to dynamic posture and physical grace that go beyond what is typically addressed in gyms.

Means & Methods

The above mentioned faculties are cultivated in progressive training series organized according to your personal needs and life context. The simple forms and exercise sequences are developed over time into a highly tuned, dynamic, adaptable toolset for daily movement practice.

We progress from the ground up (literally), integrating approaches from FM Zero Forms, self-myofascial release work, hatha-yoga prelude forms, and classical strength & conditioning.

Feet and ankles series: Standing and balancing practices (postural, observational, and durational practices); the FM feet rooting cycles; orientation around the bodyweight centers and vertical axis; strength-conditioning of the lower leg; developing bounce with mini-plyometrics for the feet and achilles; feet dexterity development.

Knees and hips series: Asymmetrical, unilateral, and rotational squatting patterns (i.e. dynamic versions of the archetypal human stances); the “mountain” position; knee washing; strength-based (p)rehabilitation; floor sitting positions; practical understanding and application of the axis-arc of the hip; and loaded and unloaded strength-conditioning of hips.

Spine and arms series: “Branching” (durational) practices; the FM cycles for the spine including the various decompressive, pumping, twisting, waving, arching, and folding articulations; FM shoulder conditioning cycles; exercises for understanding the axis-arc of the shoulder; gymnastic-style scapular and upper-limb strength training.

Dynamic coordination series: Including the core walking-based patterns; the rotational embrace variations; FM coordination patterns (at varying levels of complexity) progressing through rooting-pivoting-locomotion concepts; whole-body elasticity development; safely and effectively engaging with dynamic momentum; and playing with objects.

Ancillary factors: Ongoing dialogue, resource sharing, and support around life-aspects such as circadian rhythm, self care, diet, and planning and reflection, on an as-needed basis.

Logistics & How We Work Together

🧭 We start with a (zero cost or obligation) 45m orientation call where we identify your strategic centers of gravity in relation to movement development. We go forward if this is the right program for you. If not, I share with you other directions or resources that might be helpful to you on your journey.

⚡ Each monthly cycle begins with a 1.5h guided practice session introducing core elements of practice for that month. These are recorded and available to you to review anytime.

📋 After each guided practice session you receive a personal weekly training template with notes and references.

🔎 Mid-month we have a 30m check-in session for realtime adjustments, refinement, and discussion.

📱 You have access to ongoing asynchronous coaching with a <24h feedback loop via Telegram or iMessage (text, audio, or video formats as needed). Important: it is expected you will avail yourself of this support with regular communication! You should be prepared and able to record yourself and send video for review.

🗓️ The recommended minimum level of time investment for the work is ~30m per day, 5-6 days per week, and more can always be supported.

Let’s talk

Schedule a free, non-sales phone call to share your story, ask questions, learn the details, and see if this offering is a good fit.

Book a free coaching orientation

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